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It’s 2019, summertime in Split. The city is packed with tourists, backpackers and trevellers. By day they line up for the sites. By night, they crawl to the pubs.

But one night while overlooking the view of the sea from Riva, we called B.S. on pub crawls. Perhaps we were being naive.

Maybe it was the booze talking.
People needed a new way to experience the city — and its (in)famous party scene.

And what better way to experience the Croatian ‘’party’’ city than by boat … floating down the sea … surrounded by DJs and party-loving people. (blue lagoon)

Captain’s boat party is Born.

Fast forward to today, our idea we had over beers is now one of the hottest tickets in Split.
More than 50,000 people from every corner of the globe have had the time of their lives on our ships.
So if you’re stuck for ideas for what to do in Split … climb aboard here and experience a party like no other.